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Which Class is Right for Me?

  • Enroll in this class to see if riding is for you. All motorcycle time, no classroom.
  • Take advantage of smaller class size.
  • Familiarization with basic skills: controls, stopping and turning.
  • Perfect course for gaining confidence. No tests, only practice.
  • Move on to the NRT(BRC) or enroll again for more practice.
  • Does NOT include WA DOL endorsement test waiver.
Novice Rider Training
  • Our most popular course – for good reasons!
  • Learn and practice the basics then move on to more complex riding skills.
  • Students say this class is challenging and FUN!
  • Includes training in turning,stopping, swerving and more!
  • WA DOL endorsement test waiver upon successful completion.
  • Want more practice before heading out to the street?
  • Must have completed the NRT(BRC), IRC, or ERC to enroll in this class.
  • Additional riding practice for stopping, turning, swerving and more.
  • Gain more confidence and control.
  • Does NOT include WA DOL endorsement waiver.
Intermediate Rider Training
  • Experienced riders only – Must pass a screening/qualifier riding evaluation prior to riding.
  • Recent experience REQUIRED. Dirt to street; experience with permit?
  • You ride our training bike in this class, smaller bikes for the skill test.
  • Shorter class than the Novice class; same skills practiced for the test.
  • Develop good riding habits and skills at the same time!
  • WA DOL endorsement test waiver upon successful completion.
  • Experienced riders only with current street experience – endorsement or not.
  • Ride YOUR OWN street legal bike in this class. Basic safety inspection performed before riding. Permit to ride to class strongly recommended!
  • Learn and practice safer skills on your own bike – what could be better? Tune up your skills for the riding season.
  • WA DOL endorsement waiver upon successful completion.
  • Both novice and intermediate sidecar/trike training available.
  • Novice: 16-hour course designed to provide the rider with knowledge, confidence, and 3-wheel driving skills.
  • Intermediate: One day, 8 hour course designed for riders who know the basics of shifting, starting, stopping and turning on 2-wheelers or 3-wheelers.
  • Students must bring their own cycles/rigs to use in this class (Contact SWMS if you do not have a 3-wheeler)
  • WA DOL endorsement waiver upon successful completion.