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DOL Testing

SW Motorcycle Safety is a Department of Licensing approved testing site. Motorcyclists may take the written and skills tests at DOL approved testing and training sites in Washington.


Testing is by appointment only; there are no walk-ins allowed. Pre-payment is required for testing. No payment will be accepted at the test site. You may take the written test for a permit or endorsement, the skills test for an endorsement, or both the written and skills test on the same day.

SW Motorcycle Safety training classes have both the written and skill test included as part of three separate training class, depending on your experience level. The Novice (NRT) class, Intermediate (IRT) and the experienced (ERC) class all include the opportunity for endorsement testing. Click here for more info.

2-Wheel Testing
3-Wheel Testing

NOTE: Riding a motorcycle on public roads requires an endorsement or permit. Riders are subject to law enforcement action – which may include impound of motorcycle.

SMART CHOICES: Always wear a helmet and protective riding gear. Mixing alcohol/drugs with riding increases your chances of accidents.